Discover our ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet

Jeff de Bruges will also please frozen delight lovers! We have invested our know-how into creating unique flavours of ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet just for you. Made with quality ingredients, our irresistible recipes will surprise you and make you melt with pleasure! Our original recipes are available exclusively in Jeff de Bruges shops.


Taste our intense and exquisite flavours
  • Ice cream - natural vanilla, Belgian chocolate, natural strawberry, Canadian maple syrup
  • Frozen Greek yogurt - plain or lemon
  • Sorbet - strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit… fat free!

Enjoy our quality frozen delights

  • All our ice creams are made with fresh milk and quality ingredients. No artificial colors or flavours.
  • All our ice creams are made with real cream (10% fat). No substitute.
  • All our frozen yogurts are low in fat (+/- 3% fat).
  • All our sorbets are fat free.

Savour our French waffle cones
  • We craft our own delicious cones from an exclusive recipe.
  • Our genuine French waffle cones contain a hint of natural vanilla.
  • Our unique pastry rim cones retain their baked golden color.




Enjoy our toppings bar
  • Our frozen delights counter includes a toppings bar. Customize your cone to your heart’s content!
  • Our toppings include: exquisite fruit and a lovely selection of quality ingredients such as dry roasted pistachios, caramelized macadamia nuts, meringue bits, multi-colored coated chocolates, caramelized sesame, chocolate pearls, crispy crepe, chocolate cookies, nougatine and speculoos cookie powder.
Dare to dip…

Indulge and dip your ice cream cone in genuine melted Jeff de Bruges Belgian chocolate, milk or dark!


You will find our frozen delights in most Jeff de Bruges boutiques in the summer and throughout the year in shopping malls.

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