Are you a chocolate lover?
Do you dream about free chocolate?

The ChocoClub is for you!


The delicious benefits of being a ChocoClub member
ChocoClub members receive unique benefits such as:
• FREE Chocolate as you accumulate points!
• Information about our promotions before anyone else!
• And more benefits to come shortly!


1$ = 1 ChocoClub point
When you become a ChocoClub member, your frequent purchases at Jeff de Bruges are rewarded with delicious Jeff de Bruges chocolate. Whenever a ChocoClub member makes a purchase in one of our Jeff de Bruges stores in Canada, he or she accumulates points redeemable for free chocolate!


Still not a ChocoClub member? Register online today!
And if you complete the profile, you will get one of our delicious rochers for FREE!

Yes! Yes! I want to be a ChocoClub member! Can I register on line?

Yes, yes! All you need to do is to to click here to complete your profile. VYou will receive a welcome email that you can take with you to one of Jeff de Bruges’ Canadian stores to collect your ChocoClub member card. And if you complete the profile, you can get one of our delicious rochers for FREE!

Wow! A FREE rocher! How can I get it?

All you need to do is take the email received after completing your profile to a salesperson at one of our Canadian Stores. And you get to choose which flavour you want!


For every dollar spent at one of our Canadian stores, you get 1 point.

Say I have 850 ChocoClub points, what can I get?

You can, for example, get a Tasting box of 16 assorted chocolates + 2 rochers. You can use the remaining 250 points at another date.

How do I know how many points I have?

Every 3 months, the ChocoClub member receives an email detailing the cumulative points to obtain free chocolate.

If I don’t have enough points to get a reward after 3 months, do I lose my accumulated points?

Nooooo! If the member does not accumulate ChocoClub enough points to get a reward in a semester, the balance is transferred to the next semester.

Can I redeem my ChocoClub points for money or another type of reward?

Why would you, when you can get free chocolate! ChocoClub points have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for rewards other than those indicated. In the unlikely event of the ChocoClub terminating, points will "melt" with the program.

Oops, I forgot my ChocoClub membership card at home...!

Don’t worry! All you need to do is give your name and email address to one of our in-store salesperson. We can then trace your account and accumulate the points for your purchase or give you the amount of points accumulated to obtain a reward.

Darn! I lost my card… Someone stole it… What do I do?

Fortunately, the ChocoClub member is immune to mistakes and thieves! All you need to do is show up in person at one of our Canadian stores and provide your name and email address to one of our salesperson. He/she will be able to cancel the old card and provide you with a brand new one!

How long does it take for my points they add up to my account after my purchase?

Instantly, upon purchase! But just in case - because technology is not as perfect as it would like to be - wait 24 hours to get an accurate balance update.

Noooooo! My boyfriend wants my points! What do I do?

No worries! The ChocoClub member is the only one who can redeem his/her reward because ChocoClub membership and rewards are not transferable! Ha! The chocolate is ALL YOURS!


More questions? Write us: chococlub@jeff-de-bruges.ca
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